New Patients

New Patient Consultation 

All new patients start with a free consultation. This includes a vein-focused medical history and physical exam. At this visit, Dr. Kezele will explain appropriate treatment options, risks, and alternative therapies. At the end of the visit, our office manager will answer your medical insurance questions and give you an initial cost estimate.

Ultrasound Evaluation

After the consult, most patients will need a venous ultrasound mapping to identify damaged veins not visible on the surface. This will determine whether you need thermal ablation and ultrasound-guided foam sclerotherapy or just visual sclerotherapy alone.

Medical Insurance & Cost of Treatment

After the ultrasound, our office manager will review your medical coverages and give you a more specific cost estimate for your treatment. Afterwards, your treatment plan will be submitted to your medical insurance for pre-approval, with final approval usually received in about two to three weeks.

Approximately 95% of medical insurance plans cover treatment of varicose veins. In the unlikely event that your insurance does not cover your treatment, we will share other payment options you may consider.

Visit Insurance & Costs for more insurance and payment information.

Course of Treatment

Most patients are usually finished with their initial stage of treatment, thermal ablation and ultrasound guided foam sclerotherapy, after about 7 visits over 30 days. Then they can start their visual sclerotherapy treatments. After this first stage of treatment is complete, patients are usually seen for follow-up evaluations at 3, 6 and 12 months

New Patient Consultation – What to Bring

Please arrive to your first visit 15 minutes early and bring the following items:

  • Your medical insurance card
  • Driver’s license
  • Other photo ID

New patients must complete a few forms, and we encourage you to do so ahead of time. Click here to download the forms now, or you may fill out the secure request form below and we will email them to you. Please bring the completed forms with you to your appointment. This information will also allow us to check with your insurance provider before your consultation to confirm that varicose vein treatment is covered by your plan. If you prefer not to use this form, please call us at (440) 539-3938 and we will take your information over the phone.

New Patient Form Request