The Low-Risk Benefits of Treating Varicose Veins in Older Patients

One of the most common questions I’m asked by my older patients is whether or not their age and other health conditions will prevent them from having their varicose veins and spider veins treated. Interestingly, sclerotherapy and other treatments for vein disease are extremely safe for older patients—even those who suffer from other chronic diseases.

Similar Outcomes in Older and Younger Patients

A recent study* out of France, published in the medical journal Phlebology, looked at 418 patients at 15 different vein clinics. Of that total, 176 patients (138 women and 38 men) were over the age of 75. Liquid and Foam sclerotherapy, just like we use at Vein Clinics of Cleveland, was used on both sets of patients, and both groups had very similar outcomes.

The study concluded that even though the group of older patients had considerably more extensive medical backgrounds and more severe chronic venous disease, sclerotherapy does not require any special considerations in older patients, and the complication rates are no different than those of younger patients being treated with sclerotherapy.

Treatment Improves Quality of Life

When health and lifestyle are already being limited by other chronic conditions, I advise my patients that treating their varicose veins can actually improve their overall health and quality of life by allowing them to become more active and better able to care for themselves.

*Jean-Luc Gillet, C. H.-J.-A. (2017). Sclerotherapy is a safe method of treatment of chronic venous disorders in older patients: A prospective and comparative study of consecutive patients. Phlebology, 234-240.